Are you a “Remoter?”

are you a remoter

Go Remote

A Remoter is anyone who works remotely on his or her terms, unshackled by the office environment.  In short, it is anyone that creates value regardless of location.  Today, management styles are adapting to a changing, mobile workforce.  Producing quality work still must happen, but in many cases the location of the worker is no longer relevant.  With the right person doing the right job at the right time, management can still motivate, encourage collaboration and seek higher standards of a remote, distributed workforce. Telecommuting is not science fiction and millions do this every day. Most people waste 6 weeks a year just commuting! Hard to believe? See our article here.

You Can Do This

Most roles could be performed anywhere with the right candidate.  Today, tool advancement has made location superfluous.  Time and space no longer matter, only quality of work and creating value matters.  Working remotely is the dream of millions and it is absolutely possible.  We are “Remoters,” working anywhere we want, but working more on our terms.

Are you a Remoter?

Do you want to:

  • Have freedom of time, not tied to a specific schedule?
  • Work where you want to?
  • Travel on your terms?
  • Have a more job satisfaction and be more fulfilled?
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