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FREE Template: Get a system and get started!

Knowing you want to be better is the first step, create your road map to success here.

Sometimes you need a system. I am not talking about a late-night guru’s system to extract every dollar they can from your wallet, but a system that helps you stay organized and focused on the monthly and daily tasks you need to accomplish on your road to success. We often have a vague idea where it is we want to be, but it can be so overwhelming we just don’t know where to start.

FREE Template: Get A System And Get Started

I may have the answer for you to get clear on what you actually want, find a tool to get a road map and get started. I have developed this tool to not only help you get clear, but also stay on track and accountable. This is your Yearly Success Calendar. Unlike some of those so-called gurus, this is entirely free, no charge whatsoever, you just sign up and download, that’s it.

My goal is to help others get the success they know is possible, but may need a little guidance. This is a spreadsheet, but please don’t get intimidated by that. You just fill in the blanks and save it. Here are the key features:

  1. What do I want to accomplish?
  2. Who do I need to contact?
  3. What do I have to do?
  4. When do I have to do it?

I have organized your Yearly Success Calendar into an example month, followed by 12 tabs so you can separate your planning by month for the coming year. There is no starting month or end month, this is a one-year plan that could literally start any month you need it to. You have monthly goals you determine for your professional and personal development, 5 per month. Some months you may need to only focus on 4, some months perhaps more, but there are 5 areas each month in the template. For each goal you determine 5 tasks that it would take to achieve that goal. For example:

I want 10% more customers in a month as a goal

  1. Task 1 would be to make 10 more new client calls each day
  2. Task 2 would be to attend 2 networking events per week
  3. Task 3 would be to establish 10 new contacts in my business social networking channels
  4. Task 4 would be to reach out to 10 old contacts and let them know about new products or services
  5. Task 5 would be write and send out press releases about an event I am creating like an open house, or business anniversary to promote my business.

That really isn’t that hard is it? In the template you can do this for your personal goals as well. There is space for 5 people you want to meet each week and you can record their phone number and email so you can follow up with them after you meet them, not necessarily to sell them something, but start developing a relationship with them. It is important to know that people do business with people they know, trust and like. But if they feel like they are only a “sale” they are not as open. So when the time is right, the offer of a product or service can be made, but only after a relationship has been started. Perhaps they know someone they can introduce you to who does have a more imminent need, so always keep those lines of communication open.

Everyone needs to grow in their personal and professional lives, so there is space to help you keep a record of the books you read during the month and a place to reflect on what you have learned anytime that month. This could be something big or something you found to work a little better. In either case write it down so you can check back in later months and see what worked and what didn’t (so you don’t repeat mistakes).

Download your Yearly Success Calendar here, it’s easy, just sign up for our newsletter and it is yours entirely free, we just ask that you don’t sell it (since we offered it to you free) and you give me credit for creating it (by listing my name and website URL: http://www.RemoteMinded.com). It is entirely yours to use, modify to your specific needs and use on a daily basis.

Remember, it only works if you do. Drop me a line at bill@remoteminded.com to let me know how it works for you, if you have suggestions that I can add to make it better for others or just general comments. I promise I will reply to each and every response.

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