State of Vermont pays $10,000 to remote workers

Live and work remotely and get paid $10,000 by the State of Vermont

Have you heard about the $1 houses in Italy? You don’t need to go to another continent to work remotely.

The State of Vermont started the Remote Worker Grant Program to entice remote workers to relocate and then work at home! That’s right, Vermont pays remote workers $10,000 to telecommute for an out-of-state employer. Ever dream of a work at home situation? Then here’s your chance to get paid to live it!

Vermont’s new program pays a $10,000 incentive to relocate and set up residency within Vermont. It doesn’t matter which city. It doesn’t matter which profession (Get our RemoteMinded Remote Power Pack for all kinds of remote and telecommute careers and the companies hiring them). Just have a home office or have a co-worker space agreement and you quality when you claim residency.

Why would they do this?

Dwindling population and lower revenue drive creative ways to attract new residents. The state needs revenue, even at the expense of local employers. Let’s put this in perspective, the population of Vermont in 2019 was 627,180 compared with 711, 571 in Washington, D.C. alone or 744, 955 just in Seattle Washington. In order to fund government and essential services, the Remote Worker Grant Program went into effect January 1, 2019.

The State’s program is designed to attract new remote or telecommute workers. Get up to $5,000 paid the first year. Get up to $5,000 paid the second year for a total of $10,000. After conducting a quick search on, there are many inexpensive housing choices throughout the state. The one-bedroom condominium listed below is only $19,000 at a ski resort.

Condo listed on (1/2/2020)

Source: Retrieved 1/2/2020.

Let Vermont pay for most of your home!

Again, Vermont pays remote workers $10,000 to telecommute for an out-of-state employer. In the example above, Vermont would end up paying $10,000 of the $19,000 asking price of the home. Would you like the state to pay for over one half of your home in the first two years? Especially while you live on the slopes? If you are a skier, this is a dream come true! Just think, you could easier pay off your home in a handful of years.

Just starting out or looking for simpler living and workstyles? Then this is a serious option. While this isn’t necessarily luxe living, it’s certainly worthy of house hacking for the budget-conscious.

Here are some of the qualifications:

This is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Claim residency in the State of Vermont (you have to move and live there)
  2. Download and fill out the application completely and accurately (full-time W2 employee and out of state employer sections)
  3. Submit an invoice, get paid

None of this is hard. Here’s the strange part. To date, no one actually submitted the application yet, although dozens downloaded the form. Interested? Then get more information by visiting the State of Vermont Remote Worker Grant Program. Finally, there are dozens of situations like this if you just take time to research.

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