25 Blog Post Ideas You Need Now

25 Blog Ideas you need now


Let’s face it, sometimes we just need a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Here is a head start on topics to put on your social media calendar to get you motivated, organized and producing content for your followership on your blogs. Enjoy the 25 blog post ideas you need now below, I am curious as to what you think:

  1. Do-It-Yourself Tutorial
  2. Why I became a blogger (and why you should, too)
  3. 5 Ways to Monetize your Blog
  4. 10 Ways to find new clients
  5. 5 reasons you started your business
  6. Product Review(s)
  7. Compare 2 products
  8. A Day in Your Life
  9. Q&A from post comments (create a FAQ post or page)
  10. Best products in your niche for under $50 or $100
  11. Interview with someone in your niche
  12. Do’s and Don’ts of something in your niche (rules on travel, health, etc.)
  13. Gift ideas for your niche
  14. Roadmap for someone wanting to start in your niche (what is required)
  15. Tools you use (show how it is done)
  16. How to make money in your niche
  17. Top books someone in your niche needs to read
  18. Top phone apps for someone in your niche
  19. Tips and tricks for someone in your niche
  20. List of resources (listacle) for someone in your niche
  21. Promo of one of your products
  22. News or trending topic on your niche
  23. Create an ebook of your top 25 posts as a download for subscribers
  24. Testimonial post about how you helped someone
  25. How I dealt with someone in my niche and overcame it


As you can see, here 25 blog post ideas you need now, almost a month’s worth of content (and it literally took me 5 minutes). We all are looking for something fresh and relevant for our readers, and sometimes it just takes one little spark to get and keep the conversation going. I am glad to help. What are some topics you use, I would love to see them in the comments below.

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