When starting a business, any business, there are many things to consider. This course explores what it takes to become a legal company, what resources are needed and sources of clients, funding, what types of services you will need.

Being able to demonstrate skills in a format for employers and clients is vital in today’s market. This course helps the student create a digital portfolio to showcase their skills in a concise way.

Building on the lessons from WEB200, the student will apply these methods to framework-based websites to create more media-rich experiences for the end user. Prerequisite WEB200 or demonstrated experience.

The internet provides a wealth of information. Learn how to create effective training courses which can be shared on the internet.

Knowing how to create and maintain websites is important to any business. This course will expose the student to traditional HTML methods and content management systems. Prerequisite WEB140.

People using the internet today want to see more than static photos. This course will introduce the student to creating animation and videos for use on a website.

The internet is a media rich environment, but graphics can make or break the user experience. Learn now to create, manipulate and optimize graphics for websites.

This course introduces the student to what a website is and isn’t along with the basic tools to create website graphics and related print materials.

Learn medium and advanced techniques applications using spreadsheet software. The student will learn how to create advanced budgets and report the financial health of a business.

In this course you are introduced to the basic office suite of applications; word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. The student learns skills to create projects used in everyday office situations.